Delta Charter Crest

Delta Charter Schools offers a tuition-free public charter school choice that provides an option of all students to receive a personalized education through 6 distinct programs. Below is a quick summary of our newest schools:

  • Delta Home Charter School, a K-8 independent study program, based in Tracy, targeting families preferring to home-school their children. Featuring many opportunities for socialization through various enrichment courses and educational field trips;

  • Delta Bridges Charter School, a K-6 site-based program in north Stockton, will take the successes of the Dynamic Visual Learning (DVL) program that Delta Charter School has implemented the past three years;

  • Delta Keys Charter School, a K-12 fully WASC Accredited virtual school based in downtown Stockton, will support those students who wish to accelerate through high school and/or assist students who are behind;

  • Delta Launch Charter School, based in six counties, is a fully WASC Accredited virtual program designed to assist adults whom have yet to earn a high school diploma.

Delta Charter Schools are fully certified and accredited tuition-free public charter schools serving San Joaquin and adjoining counties. All of our schools are authorized by the New Jerusalem Elementary School District Board of Trustees.