Delta Charter Online

Delta Charter Online (DCO), is a tuition-free public charter school that serves students, grades K-12, in San Joaquin and surrounding counties, DCO combines a rigorous online curriculum that lets students work at their own pace with high levels of support from state-credentialed teachers.  Delta Charter Online is a personalized program that combines an online curriculum and a flexible schedule with in-person support at our local resource centers.  Not all virtual school and online learning programs are created equal.  With DCO, students will have access to elements usually found in a traditional school setting, while still gaining the benefits and flexibility afforded to them through participation in online learning.  This combination of in-person support and a world class online learning management system has resulted in student success for many DCO Alumni.

Delta Charter Online offers students a high level of support and assistance.  The DCO learning management system allows students and teachers to interact and engage with one another beyond the confines of a traditional school schedule and traditional school hours.  Students needing additional assistance beyond the online learning platform are encouraged to participate in regularly scheduled tutoring and workshop sessions in person at our DCO resource center.  In addition, students have access to experienced California-credentialed teachers who provide real-time, in-person support throughout the school day at local educational resource center.  

DCO is ideal for many students, including home-schooled-students, those needing a flexible schedule due to work or outside activity or family obligations, students living in remote locations, advanced learners, or students with health or physical challenges.  Edgenuity is a world leader in providing online learning and is the backbone of the DCS learning management system, the online curriculum and professional development support for Delta Charter School’s highly qualified, California-credentialed teachers.  Learn more at