About Us

Welcome to Delta Home.  

Delta Home Charter School is a hybrid program that allows opportunities for home school students to learn on a school campus and participate in classroom-based education.  DHCS offers small classrooms, from 5-15 students per credentialed teacher.  Students are able to work on homeschool curriculum as well as project-based curriculum throughout the day.  Students are allowed on-site up to four days a week with Friday being a work-from-home day.  We do close enrichment during required District and State Testing times.  Students are not required to attend enrichment classes. 

We offer a vendor program for our students to enrich their learning as well.  Vendors must be pre-approved by our Director. We have a large list of vendors ranging from rock climbing to baking, and we are always looking for new vendors to add to our program.  

Delta Home also offers an Artist in Residence program, youth sports (grades 5-8), Science Camp (grade 6), and field trips.  

We are pleased you have an interest in learning more about Delta Home Charter School. If you are considering an alternative to a traditional classroom setting for your child, we highly encourage you to visit us in person and see what we have to offer. Please call our office at (209) 830-7167 to set up a tour.