About Us

My name is Kellyann Reis. I am the Principal of Delta Home Charter School. I attended New Jerusalem Elementary School as a child and returned, as a teacher over 20 years ago. I have been working as the principal for Delta Home for the past 3 years and am enjoying watching the program grow.

Delta Home Charter is a hybrid program that allows opportunities for home school students to learn on a school campus and participate in classroom-based education. DHCS offers small classrooms, from 5-15 students per credentialed teacher. Students are able to work on homeschool curriculum as well as project based curriculum throughout the day. Students are allowed on-site up to four days a week. We do close Enrichment during required District and State Testing times.

Students are not required to attend Enrichment classes. Delta Home has a vendor list available, classes must be pre-approved by the principal. Students are able to attend sports, 4-H and field trips with the site-based schools.