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COVID Protocols

COVID-19 Student Prevention/Safety Protocols As friendly reminder, please remember to check for the following symptoms/indicators of potential COVID-19 infection prior to sending your child to school. This is vitally important, as one infected child will compel the school to quarantine the whole classroom that the child attends.Please conduct a daily self-health assessment using the following criteria: Temperature check—if above 100 degrees, please have the student remain home. Temperatures will be checked at school and if the temperature is above 100 degrees the students will have to return home or be picked up. • If student experienced any of the following symptoms, please have the student stay home:

 Cough  Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath  Sore throat  Chills and body aches  Headache  New loss of taste or smell  Diarrhea  Nausea or vomiting • If we determine that any of these above symptoms are prevalent, we will ask that the student be picked up and return home. At that time, you may contact your health care provider for assessment. • In the past 14 days, if student has: tested positive for COVID-19; been in close contact with anyone who displays the known symptoms above or of COVID-19; travelled outside the United States or to any high-risk locations; or been in close contact with anyone who travelled to high-risk locations, student will be asked to remain home.

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