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Deputy Superintendent's Message

Jeff Tilton



Welcome! On behalf of the New Jerusalem Elementary School District Board of Trustees and its long-time Superintendent David Thoming, I am thrilled that you have stopped by to learn more about our family of Delta Charter Schools.

Up until 2014, Delta was just a single school  Delta Charter School – one that had been in operation since 2001. Since, additional sister schools have opened to expand options for students and their families.
Below is a quick summary of our schools: 

  • Delta Charter School, a site-based program located in rural Tracy, is a K-12 college/career prepschool accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and has “a-g”status with the University of California/California State University systems.
  • Delta Bridges Charter School, a site-based program located in north Stockton, is a K-8 dynamic visual learning school and STEAM school with WASC accreditation planned for this school year.
  • Delta Charter Online, an independent study program, is a K-12 college/career prep school accredited bWASC and has “a-g” status with the University of California/California State University systems. Students take one course at a time.
  • Delta Home Charter School, long a component of the original Delta Charter School since 2001, is an independent study program accredited by WASC geared for homeschool families who desire social enrichment activities to complement their education programs. 
  • Delta Keys Charter School, an independent study program, is a K-12 acceleration/high schoocredit recovery program accredited bWASC. Students take one course at a time toward the 130-credit graduation requirement.

The aforementioned high quality charter schools are authorized by the NJESD Board of Trustees and operated by the NJESD leadership. We hope you have found what you are seeking and we welcome starting a partnership with you. Thank you for “stopping by’ and please stay connected!

Jeff Signature

-- Dr. Jeff Tilton
Deputy Superintendent, Educational Services
New Jerusalem Elementary School District