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Susan Ireland

Susan Ireland Special Education                                        

As an educator working in the field of special education, I believe I must educate the whole child, socially, emotionally, and academically through individualizing and communicating positive expectations. My responsibility is first and foremost, to advocate for the individual needs of my students. I do this by establishing rapport with families and building positive relationships with my students. To effectively advocate, I seek first to understand the issues and challenges they face. I practice collaboration with other teachers and families as I believe that educating a child is a team effort.


In the field of education there is always room for improvement. I participate in

professional development to learn new skills, to use new technologies, and to gain additional

knowledge about the applications of best practices in the field. As a lifelong learner I seek out

ways to learn new things and I model that for my students. My intent is to instill in them an

intellectual curiosity and an eagerness that will propel them to explore, discover, and create

solutions, ideas, and dreams of their own.